Founded by six alumnae in 1996, our Association has currently grown to 176 members. Our main objective is to promote fellowship among former students. In keeping with the Maryknoll spirit of giving and sharing, we raise funds for our retired Maryknoll Sisters; volunteer and participate in a variety of charitable causes and organizations.

Christmas Letter 2017 from Sr. Jeanne Houlihan

Dear Maryknollers,

As we pause to reflect on the Birth of Jesus, we are truly humbled that God assumes humanity for each of us.Just as three wise men followed a star, each of us is following a star that promises LIFE within and beyond us. The world, including the USA, seems to be falling apart. In some places it is.We do not despair or give up because a reading of Scripture demonstrates that the life 2000 years ago is not very different from today's messy world except Jesus is
present and we have HOPE...

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Christmas Letter 2016 from Sr. Jeanne Houlihan

Dear Maryknollers,

Is the world worse today than yesteryear?  Sometimes it may seem that way but a reading of the Old Testament finds Syria in serious trouble just like today.  The difference is in the planes, tanks, guns and ammunition, which means more people killed, homeless, abandoned. Power and greed were dominant and still are. The promise of the Messiah would bring justice and peace.  This is the HOPE and I BELIEVE. Why?  Everywhere you see small groups gathering to bring about justice and peace...

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Year in Review 2016 report

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Health Compliant Bathroom Project (HCBP) Successful Completion – 2015

An email from Sister Jeanne dated November 7, 2015:

".... I appreciate how patient the former students and teachers and friends have been about the bathrooms. They were finally completed and in full use. The upgrade and refurbishing has made such a difference for the Sisters who live on Main 3. These Sisters have various old age conditions as you probably can understand. We seem to be living into the 90s and even the 100s. Sister Ann Carol and Margaret Shepherd from MCS and MSS are both on this floor. Sister Mary Lou Teufel from MSS is also on this floor. Thus, you get many prayers of gratitude. One day just after the bathroom near Ann Carol I found her sitting on her walker, reading a book and waiting for the wash machine to finish. I did not have a camera but it was so appropriate. Main III Sisters can if they are able do their laundry. Washing machine and dryer was part of refurbishing.

Once again Thank YOU.

Sister Jeanne"

New Windows for the Sisters at Motherhouse – 2015

News & Updates

  • Four volumes (of eight) of bilingual publication by Sr. Joanna Chan, Yangtze’s cofounder, Artistic Director (1992-2014) and Emeritus Director, More...

  • Vancouver Chapter to host World Wide Reunion in 2017. More...

  • MCS ' Be not Afraid ' Worldwide Virtual Choir
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  • Honolulu Honors Maryknoll Sisters. More...

Maryknoll Convent School

Once a Maryknoller forever a Maryknoller. ---- a great production bringing all the memories back. Click here to view two great productions by 2013 graduates
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Being a Maryknoller

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