Founded by six alumnae in 1996, our Association has currently grown to 174 members. Our main objective is to promote fellowship among former students. In keeping with the Maryknoll spirit of giving and sharing, we raise funds for our retired Maryknoll Sisters; volunteer and participate in a variety of charitable causes and organizations.

Spring Dinner ‒ March 23, 2014

Our 2014 Spring Dinner was held on March 23 at the Richmond Country Club. Attendees enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner and mouth-watering desserts. Time flies when one is having fun and have fun we did – not even realizing the time, we were there for at least 4 hours and never stopped talking and eating and eating and eating, while occasionally sipping our beverage!!! Thanks and appreciation go out to Helen and Jim Jang for making the dinner arrangements!

Alzheimer's workshop ‒ June 14, 2014

Speaker Krista Frazee from Alzheimer Society of BC delivered an interesting workshop accompanied by an informative PowerPoint presentation, which was also the handout for participants to follow during the presentation. Krista is very knowledgeable on the subject, and with a warm rapport with the audience, she answered all questions with statistical support and common sense deduction. The Association presented Krista with a floral arrangement to show our appreciation. Fifteen people attended.

Be Not Afraid Recording ‒ October 2011

MCS alumnae from around world, and from different graduation years no less, were all part of this virtual choir. Recordings were conducted in almost every major city in the USA and Canada, as well as in Hong Kong, perhaps even in the UK. All these recordings were then combined into one and the result is our MCS Virtual Choir! Two things are certain – all MCS alumnae can sing and to pull together as one voice is nothing short of amazing!

The update on the bathroom project from Sr. Jeanne - Aug 22

Click here to view the Sister Jeanne's letter - Aug 22, 2013.pdf

In addition, here is a quick note and picture from Tania in New York:

"One of the doors to the bathroom was not taped anymore and I had a quick peep and took this picture for you all.  There may have been some remediation work for removal of asbestos or lead (not confirmed) as the walls in this room and the one behind it has been removed.  The empty spaces are spotless without a speck of dust.  Perhaps it might be the result of remediation that requires all dust particles to be vacuumed during removal.  A Sister whom I do not know saw me coming out of the bathroom was happy to tell me that "Some people donated money for us to make the bathroom better!" I just smiled at her and didn't mention whom. 

Our Maryknoll Sisters' Film: Trailblazers in Habits

Click here for the preview of the film.

The documentary film was directed by Nancy Tong about our Maryknoll Sisters’ work in Hong Kong and China.  Congratulations to Nancy that the film has been selected (among 130 entries) for screening at the Sarasota Film Festival in Florida. There are more news releases here and among them, Nancy’s interview with the Chinese Catholic media, Fountain of Love:
Film Festival Compeltition
The Preview of the Film
Radio Interview with Nancy Tong
Review the film and a brief history of the film.

"Trailblazers in Habits" ‒ Premiered on Saturday, July 6
at Richmond Cultural Centre, Performance Hall

MCS and MSS alumnae, families and friends gathered together and enjoyed an exceptional afternoon to raise money and awareness for the Maryknoll Sisters.
Motivated and enthused by the success of the premiere in New York last October (despite Super Storm Sandy), Vancouver chapter decided to organize this event and set the wheels in motion since April.  We were fortunate enough to have the director of this film, Nancy Tong, at the premiere to share with us her experience in the making of this insightful documentary.  
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News & Updates

  • A wonderful article in New York Times about the Maryknoll Sisters written by Lawrence Downes in August, Click here for details...

  • MCS 2013 graduates made two videos for you.
    Click here - "Forever Be True"
    Click here - "三年之約"

  • Toronto Chapter hosted the film: Trailblazers in Habits
    Click here for Toronto Screening

  • Trailblazers in Habits" New York premiere of the film about Maryknoll Sisters was a success.

  • Toronto Chapter to host World Wide Reunion in 2014. More...

  • MCS ' Be not Afraid ' Worldwide Virtual Choir
    Click here for the Song...

  • Honolulu Honors Maryknoll Sisters. More...

Maryknoll Convent School

Once a Maryknoller forever a Maryknoller. ---- a great production bringing all the memories back. Click here to view two great productions by 2013 graduates
Click here - "三年之約"

Being a Maryknoller

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School Song

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School Crest

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